Saturday 12 September 2009


Well hallo everybody

I've finally made it, long after everyone else it seems!

So, my lovely company Gioia Mia came into being about 5 years ago now, but I've been designing and making things for as long as I can remember...usually the sorts of things which would drive other people to distraction, but I love working on a really small scale.

I wanted a name that was different, and one which reflected my Italian upbringing. 'Gioia Mia' popped into my head, and refused to go away. Whatever else I thought of, I always came back to it. It can mean two different things in Italian: 'my jewel', which is good for a jewellery design company; or 'my joy', which is perfect, as it sums up what Gioia Mia means to me.

Five years on, I'm busy all the year round designing and making bespoke pieces. I work mostly with brides (I love the excitement of working with a bride!), but I make pieces for gifts as well. My work has travelled all over the world, and my my pieces have been featured in magazines both here and abroad.

I'm lucky to work from a beautiful studio not far from where I live. It's wonderful, inspiring place full of positive energy and creative people, working in a variety of media. It's not usually this tidy, but this is the space where I work from. It's set up for an exhibition (the yellow sunflowers were a gift from my amazingly talented web designer):

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