Tuesday 22 November 2011

Interview with Mel Tabner of 'Home Grown Bride'

Hallo everyone!

I'm really delighted to bring you a interview with Mel Tabner.

Mel runs the fabulous 'Homegrown Bride' blog, which although relatively new, is proving to be a great success with brides and suppliers alike. Mel has a great sense of style, an eye for finding interesting suppliers, and a very warm and personal writing style. Happy reading!

Mel, how did you become interested in weddings?

I think my love of weddings began when I was very young. I read up all about the royal weddings and engagements, became transfixed on “twirly” dresses, and of course, I started young as a bridesmaid at five years old. I was then a bridesmaid aged 15, 21 and again at 28...and becoming a bit freaked out about the old wives tale!

I realised that I really loved weddings when my best friend from Australia was getting married and to try and be a part of it, I bought lots of magazines and spoke to her over the phone. I have a need to want to help people and that comes from my charity background - I just want to be able to help someone find their inspiration and I love that!

Planning my own wedding was actually not too bad. I did have a lot of obstacles to overcome and heartache but it came together. Since then I have just kept going, helping my friends and starting a diploma in 'Event Design and Wedding Planning', from the UK Wedding and Event Planning Academy (UKWEP).

Mel and Dan

How would you describe your style?

It is hard to bottle my style together. I think that it has very much a 'home' feel to it, with a touch of vintage glam.

I got married in May 2011 at my family church
where my parents got married 40 years ago.
They were married on May 1st and I was married on the 20th.
It's the family church because my maiden name belongs to a long history line in the village.

I adore making things, anything that can be made for weddings and I'm game to give it a go. I think really brings the couple's personality through. 'Vintage' is hard to pinpoint, with so many different genres being represented in weddings. I love 1950s Hollywood glamour...jet me back a few years and I would be in heaven. So I guess you could label me as a 21st Century 50s wife!

What inspires you?

In life I am inspired by people who never give in. I have had a hard decade or so with family and loved ones and it has taught me that whatever I have, there is always someone, somewhere who is less fortunate than me.

Mel's mum and dad

If I could, I would live my life by just helping others. I think that's why I want to help couples with their weddings, because not everyone is an organiser or a DIY goddess.

In weddings I am inspired by old black and white films and quotations - Breakfast At Tiffany’s has to be one of my favourites. The story is great, but have you ever looked closely at the decor? The flat has many quirks, such as a tin bath for a sofa. The clothes and style are also fabulous - I wish I had some of the outfits!

My flowers were all roses with ivy foliage (my grandma was called Ivy).
I could only afford money for the bouquets and reception centre pieces,
which were very simple bowls, with three roses floating on gold wire.

My mum spent the whole night before decorating the church, making her own pew ends.
She was amazing - it was something she decided to do only one week before the wedding.

For my wedding I had a quote from the Velveteen Rabbit, about how true love makes something real and that it lasts until you are old, even if you do not look the same. That person loves you for who you are.

My 'Sinatra' band was a local band that play in the Stony Stratford Music
festival every year.

What would you like to bring to the wedding industry?

Oh gosh, again its hard to pin point because I am a 'new kid on the block', but I would like to think I would be able to bring my love of the small and intimate, and of 'local' appeal to weddings.

I feel that even though the wedding industry is so big, weddings are becoming increasingly hard for the everyday bride. I get upset when I hear that brides feel ashamed that their wedding isn’t unique, because it is. No one in the world is the same and hence every wedding is different. I just want to help and show couples that a wedding can be whatever they want and at a cost that won't break the bank.

Originally I was going to make my own cake, but I began to get flustered over the logistics
(pre-wedding nerves and cake making....not a good mix!).
So my mother-in-law offered, and I agreed.

I said I wanted a fruit top, and cup cakes. I got to choose the type of cup cakes...but that was it.
The whole cake was a surprise on the day, and that's how it stayed because no one saved me a piece!

I had two little doves by my cake with ivy, both representing my grandmas.
I do not have any elderly relations and I wanted to be able to have them at my wedding.
My grandma Germaine loved birds.

I have a blog where all my inspiration and wedding information goes, and a Facebook page as well.

At the moment, my blog features suppliers in the wedding industry. I also have a thoughtful Saturday post and a Sunday homemade post, which can be anything from general thoughts and wedding information for DIY brides.

My cake, cards, service booklet, invites, menu, table plan were all made by my
I made the favours and the confetti cups.
My mum did the church flowers.
My bridesmaid, Holly Hamer, did the bridemaid's make up.
My something old was my grandma's silver Art Deco bracelet, 
my something borrowed was my
mother-in-law's pearl earrings, 
and my something blue was a blue ribbon in my garter.
wore a 1951 (the date of my mother's birth) lucky sixpence in my shoe.

I am also thinking of hopefully bringing some guest posts, and a weekly post on a complete wedding plan from the beginning to end - and beyond.

Thank you Mel, for taking the time to answer my questions. It's been an absolute pleasure featuring you on my blog!


Photographs Pow Pow Pictures
Make up and hair The Makeup Girl 

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