Tuesday 22 May 2012

Gioia Mia Loves Hill Wedding Stationery

Hallo everyone!

One of the great pleasures of working on a photo shoot is the chance to collaborate with other industry creatives, and to be able to gain a bit of an insight into their own processes.

I was very excited to have Caroline Hill, from Hill Wedding Stationery, design and make all the stationery for our shoot. I wanted to give her the chance to tell me a little more about her business, and about her design process.

Can you tell me about your business?

The business was set up in 2006 whilst planning and researching my own wedding. I found sourcing the stationery very difficult, as I couldn’t find any inspirational designs, so I utilized my own fashion and design background to venture into the wedding stationery field.

I like to think we offer invitations with a creative flair which give a feel of the whole wedding style, we also offer a bespoke service so can work with the bride and groom closely to achieve the desired look and feel.

What did you make for the shoot?

I supplied stationery for the shoot, I wanted to give inspiration and to show that the stationery can be linked to the whole wedding styling such as dress, venue, flowers etc.

Can you tell me a little about the design process? What was your inspiration? How did you decide on on the colours and the details?

I began researching the fashion and style of the 1930’s and the 1950’s, which were the eras which I knew the whole shoot wanted to portray.

The 1930s are thought of as glamorous and sensuous, so I tried to depict the elegance in the invitations.

For the 1950’s influence invitations I used vintage style typewriter keys and a quirky red 50’s telephone. I wanted to show the pretty retro styling of this time.

The colours were matched to the Flossy and Dossy dress colours which were to be featured in the shoot. I wanted to use the same palette to co-ordinate well with the whole image.

What did you enjoy most about the shoot?

I loved collaborating with other professionals and being involved in the whole process and of course seeing the final fantastic images!

What are you working on next?

I’m looking into the spring fashion trends and will be designing new collections based around these very soon. I also hope to be involved in more photo shoots with this fabulous team.

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  1. I really love those pieces that Caroline provided. I especially loved the vintage typewriter keys - it's a subtle quirkiness, which really works I think and could add an element of classic vintage to a wedding without being kitschy.