Friday 1 June 2012

Cutture on bridal trends for 2013

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I'm really delighted to introduce the fabulous Cutture, who have very kindly contributed a great post on what to expect in 2013.

Cutture specialise in creating bespoke laser cut stationery for weddings and events (although they also have a range of 'off the shelf' products, that you can buy online). Working with experienced designers, in the highest quality materials and using a range of different printing processes, they have a firmly-established reputation for creativity, innovation and excellence. Over to Helen at Cutture for what to look out for in 2013:

Paper décor

Many couples are now using paper/card as a form of décor for their wedding, very popular with DIY brides but also suppliers such as Cutture offer very alternative paper goodies. Some couples have even replaced real flowers with paper flowers!

Look up above your tables, there is a space to be filled with décor, hanging paper garlands/chandeliers incorporating the design from your stationery suite is a way of keeping it personal and creating something unique for your venue or tee pee.

Placename cards

Place name cards don’t just have to be functional, it is becoming increasingly popular to use them as part of your décor, our perching hummingbirds are a great example as they sit beautifully as decorative items on glasses but also incorporate the guests name on the wings.

Alternatively, why not incorporate elements from your bespoke stationery to ‘perch’ on each glass with the name printed onto it, these would have to be laser cut very ‘on trend’ for another year! Another alternative is creating a decorative element on each plate which incorporates the names, we create ‘plate gardens’ which are decorative paper flowers on each plate with a place name on a leaf.

The trend for tailor making your stationery to work with your interests is set to be huge again next year and the devil is always in the detail…

Metallic printing

We love a bit of gold silk screen printing and it’s very big at the moment, it lifts the beautiful uncoated card stock we use and when teamed with laser cutting is truly sumptuous.

Teaming different print process and materials

There is still a call for couples to want something incredibly unique as part of their stationery, the way to do this, mix up different print process and materiality - why not team screen printed or laser etched acrylic with a card box to incorporate all of your information, use wallets and sleeves to add depth and function.

Escort cards with illustrative map of the layout plan

Escort cards are popular again, more so in the States and for larger functions, but also use a table plan in the sense of an illustrative ‘map’ of the floor plan to guide your guests to their table.

Charity place cards

I want these to trend in 2013. You can buy charity pins from most charity that you can add to you place settings, what better way to spend you money on a favour. If you can’t afford pins then ask your stationer to print on the place name card that you have donated to a certain charity on their behalf.

Colours for 2013

Cutture uses contrasting colours as a rule to highlight the laser cutting, bold, rich colours are often used and more often than not teaming a softer colour with dark is very popular, be bold and go bright or even go for black!

Colours that you associate with being very ‘French’ are also popular right now, muted, uncoated soft greens and blues and a lot of greys, teamed with whites, which is always a sophisticated look.

Laser cut envelope seals

Our final 2013 trend, your own envelope seal! These are very popular here at Cutture at the moment, a lovely touch for either elaborate invitation designs or simply to add to the back of an envelope as a special touch. We create envelope seals with a design taken from an element of your bespoke design and laser cut them to match your whole suite or we can cut a simple laser cut monogram with your ‘all new’ nuptial initials!

A huge thank you to Helen for such an inspirational post, packed full the creativity and imagination for which Cutture are well known.

You can see more of Cutture's beautiful work online, and keep up to date with all their latest news by following them on Twitter and Facebook.



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