Wednesday 4 January 2012

Gioia Mia at the Edinburgh City Chambers Open Day

Hallo everyone

I was very excited to have been invited to take part in an open day recently. It was hosted in the beautiful City Chambers in Edinburgh, by the events team working there, on what turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day in late autumn.

I took a selection of pieces with me, including headbands, tiaras, combs, hairpins, necklaces and earrings. Many of these pieces have been featured in magazines and photoshoots, as well as having been worn by some beautiful brides!

Photographer Alan Watson kindly took some images of my display just after I finished setting up:

Alan also took some beautiful images of some of the individual collections I had brought with me.


This delicate design features stylised organic branches and leaves. It is available in a whole range of Swarovski pearl and crystal colours:

Renaissance tiara, comb and hairpins

Renaissance tiara

Renaissance comb


As the name suggests, the Rococo collection is a delicate play on irregular shapes and forms.

Once again, the many different colours and shades available to choose from (and the hundreds of different ways that these can be put together), make this collection easy to co-ordinate with any bride or bridesmaid's outfit.

Rococo headbands and combs
Co-ordinating earrings and necklace also available


The Nuvola collection features delicate clouds of Swarovski crystals. All of the collection can be made to co-ordinate with a particular dress.

Nuvola comb

Nuvola hairpins
Headband and tiara also available


The Semplice collection is beautifully understated. It is based around a single colour of Swarovski crystal or pearl. The many different colours and shades available to choose from make it easy to co-ordinate with any dress.

Semplice headbands
Earrings and necklace in background

Semplice hairpins


The design is of Arco is based around a gently curving arch. The arch is filled with a subtle and elegant mix of Swarovski pearls and crystals in different shapes and sizes. The colours can be specially chosen from the many hundreds of pearl and crystal colours made by Swarovski to complement a specific outfit.

Arco comb
Arco hairpins
Arco asymmetric headband


The Duo collection is classic and elegant. The various pieces in the collection can be made from one colour of Swarovski crystal and pearl, co-ordinating shades or contrasting colours - the perfect way to match up jewellery and accessories with any outfit.

Duo necklace and earrings
Duo tiara and set of hairpins also available

Do drop me a line if you'd like to come and try some of these pieces on, have a chat about something in your own colour scheme, or if you'd like to me design something for you.

I'm delighted to have been invited to take part in the next wedding open day at the City Chambers in Edinburgh in March 2012. I'll be there with some beautiful new pieces and a fabulous competition too. You can read more about the details here.



I am really grateful to Alan Watson for his beautiful images of my work
You can see his website here


  1. lovely pieces, as always! I adore how your tiaras and jewellery and accessories are so delicate and stunning, and enhance rather than overpower. It's such a classical approach.

  2. Thank you Kristin!

    I've been busy in the studio designing some new pieces. Looking forward to sharing them with you and showing them at the next Open Day x