Thursday 19 January 2012

Real Brides: Shona

Hallo everyone

I'm really delighted to bring you another post in my series of interviews featuring some of the beautiful brides for whom I have made jewellery and accessories.

Shona commissioned a headband, necklace and earrings for herself, and two co-ordinating headbands for her flower girls.

At what stage in the whole wedding planning process did you start thinking about your jewellery and accessories?

I thought about it quite early on but couldn't decide for ages.

How did you hear about Gioia Mia?

My boss had visited an Open Studios event in the studio where you work from, and recommended you.

How did you decide what jewellery and accessories to wear?

I only finally made a decision when I visited Gioia Mia, who made it very easy. I think this was about six months before the wedding.

Shona made an appointment to come up to my studio. We had a lovely time chatting about her wedding . She tried on some samples I had made and we discussed colour schemes. She ended up picking some very delicate clear Swarovski crystals, which added a touch of sparkle which complemented her own understated elegance.

I made these into a headband, and matching necklace and earrings.

For her flower girls I made two matching freshwater pearl and clear Swarovski crystal headbands.

What did you enjoy most about having your jewellery and accessories designed and made for you?

The personal touch was so important and the jewellery was unique which made it very special.

Is there any advice about jewellery and accessories that you could give a bride to be?

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I am really grateful to Trevor Silver for allowing me to use his beautiful images of Shona's wedding on my blog

You can see his website here.

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